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*As of this date. The I-526 Approval was for an EB-5 investor in EB5EDP Merced Station EB-5 Equity Fund, LP. New Course Enterprises owns and operates EB-5 Equity Development Partners. EB-5 Equity Development Partners is the sole and exclusive NCE issuer and manager of EB5EDP Merced Station EB-5 Equity Fund, LP, which is one of the two New Commercial Enterprise's that invested in Merced Station. Please note that past approvals are not a guarantee of future success and each investor's EB-5 petition will depend on their specific circumstances, including the skill of their legal counsel and their ability to prove to USCIS that they have lawfully earned their investment funds and are otherwise eligible.


Flex-Financing Program

The Flex-Financing Program is an 18-month deposit program offered exclusively for New Course Enterprise EB-5 Projects where an EB-5 investor can file their I-526 Petition with as little as $108,333 to begin.



Merced Station, University of California, Merced Student Housing
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I-526 Petitions Approved By USCIS!
Project Summary
Project Name:
Merced Station, University of California, Merced Student Housing
Annual ROI:
Project Value:
Project Cost:
Project Term:
5-7 Years
Construction Status:
(in % completed):
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