Playa Vista Equities Rolls Out Its Flex-Financing Program To Assist EB-5 Investors Through Custom Deposit Schedule
11/29/20 10:54 PM

The Flex-Financing Program is an 18-month deposit program offered exclusively for Playa Vista Equities EB-5 Projects.  The program allows an EB-5 investor to file their I-526 Petition with as little as $100,000 to begin.  The remaining capital is then due over a deposit schedule, not to exceed 18 months. The program was designed to help EB-5 investors begin their I-526 adjudication process quicker than they otherwise would have been able to and has been carefully engineered to ensure compliance with USCIS. 

Deposit Length (in months)Minimum Capital Deposit Required To StartFlex-Financing FeeFlex-Financing Fee Eligible For Deferral?

Bobby Laughlin, CEO of Playa Vista Equities, states:

"On November 21st, 2019, USCIS increased the investment minimum from $500,000 to $900,000 for TEA Projects. We believe this, among several other changes, substantially reduced the total potential EB-5 applicants, especially if the EB-5 investor was required to have the full $900,000 in cash to file their I-526 Petition. To continue to encourage and enable job-creation in the United States through the EB-5 Program and to further Playa Vista Equities' mission to innovate within the EB-5 industry, we saw this program as necessary and vital, especially during this time when economic stimulation and the associated job creation is needed more than ever.

The successful implementation of our Flex-Financing Program required that we find projects which do not need all of the EB-5 capital immediately, but that also can guarantee job-creation and a compelling return-on-investment through being presently fully-funded, or by demonstration of a clear path to becoming fully-funded absent any EB-5 capital.  These projects are very rare and we are so excited to bring them to the EB-5 market."

If you'd like to learn more about the Flex-Financing Program, please visit our Learning Center by clicking here.